The year is 2065. Singapore is a shining beacon of hope in a world thrown into conflict.  Technological progress offers our last hope of survival, but comes with a cost of its own. The boundaries between the real and virtual world no longer exist. Chao’s Cheap Buy Corporation is the most powerful company on Earth with connections in every part of the modern world. CCB Corp. has created “The Algoriddim”, the most advanced artificial intelligence to date, capable of instantly generating any type of art, music or experience, giving everyone connected a hyper-personalized version of reality where no one experiences exactly the same. The Algoriddim is seen by some as the end of creativity.  

O$P$, the creators of Geylang Crunk, reside in Super Cyber Town, the virtual universe that exists on top of the physical city-state of Singapore.  From the neon soaked streets of Geylang to exotic locations around the world, they seek to spread the gospel of Geylang Crunk. Along their journey they have met numerous like-minded artistes and hope to recruit them in their quest.
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